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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Live as if this is all there is
« Spanish »
Viva como si sea éste sea todo allí
It lives as if he is this one is everything there
Somehow Colonel Sanders is a made up person like carne asada?
« Japanese »
How, doing, Sanders colonel seems like asada of carne and it is the person who was made?
mommy, my butt exploded.
« Japanese »
The mother exploded my bat.
My butt stinks.
« Spanish »
Mis hedores del extremo.
My stenches of the end.
Does it offend you, yeah?
« Slovenian »
Does to zagrešiti vi , za yes?
Does this transgress you , upon I yes?
The shit hit the fan
« Chinese (simplified) »
The excrement has hit the ventilator
by BD
Oh my God! they killed Kenny! You bastards!
« Croatian »
Oh moj Bog! oni skončan Kennedy! Te kopile!
Oh my Maker! those dead Kennedy! These bastard!
by katy
The Legend of Thunder
« Greek »
Ο μύθος της βροντής
The fable of thunder
by Nectaria
What if I just copied whatever result I get and then push the button again?
« Japanese »
When I profit, me copy what kind of result for the second time next exactly, something pushes in the button?
by stay tuned
something stinks
« Japanese »
Something shoots stench
Nice shirts like you!