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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Homer Simpson
« Bulgarian »
Домашно огнище Глупак
Domestic fireplace Foolish
by Anon
vital regions
« Czech »
osudný kraj
mortal section
vital regions
« Welsh »
'n fywydol amgannau
' heartburn of life regions
russia has a big rooster because russia is the biggest country
« Welsh »
Rwsia has a 'n fawr ceiliog achos Rwsia ydy 'r 'n fwyaf bau
Russia ace I go ' heartburn large cock because Russia he is being ' group ' heartburn most country
i like pasta
« Welsh »
cara pasta
I love s appalling
flying mint bunny
« Welsh »
yn adeinio bathdy bunny
succoring mint pounds
magic metal pipe of pain
« Icelandic »
galdur málmur pípa af sársauki
trick metal bleep with pain
magic metal pipe of pain
« Slovenian »
čarodejstvo število topov pipa od muka
witchcraft metal valve I with worriment
magic metal pipe of pain
« Latin »
veneficus metal pipio of poena
poisonous metal to chirp of pain
« Turkish »
dişi köpek, kancık, karı, orospu, dırdır etmek, kafa şişirmek
bitch , bitch , wife , prostitute , carp , bitch
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