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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Liar pants on fire hanging from the telephone wire.
« Greek »
Εσώρουχα ψευτών στην ένωση πυρκαγιάς από το τηλεφωνικό καλώδιο.
Underwears of liars in the union of fire from the telephone cable.
by Terrence
I love putting my penis in assholes
« Greek »
Αγαπώ το πέος μου στα assholes
Loves my penis in assholes
by brandon
hand job
« Serbian »
ruka posao
arm affair
so.. I don't really get this thread
« Slovenian »
tudi jaz prepoved pošteno zaslužiti to sukanec
withal yours truly proscription thoroughly win this yarn
I like to eat cheese!!!
« Portuguese »
Eu gosto de comer o queijo!!!
I taste to eat the cheese!
by Carol!!!!!!:-P
devil may cry
« Japanese »
Perhaps demon you shout,
what the fuck is going on?
« Japanese »
Has sexual intercourse gone with something?
i know about that shit in our house.
« German »
ich kenne in dieser Scheiße in unserem Haus aus.
I know in this shit in our house out.
May the force be with you
« Slovenian »
maj moč biti s kom vi
may vivacity prevent you
A utterly insignificant little blue-green planet near a small unregareded yellow sun in the western spiral arm of the galaxy.
« Japanese »
Completely unregareded where the western spiral shellfish linear arm of the galaxy of trivial is small the planet of nearby a little blue green color of the yellow sun.
by Erender
Nice shirts like you!