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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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Guns don't kill people,i kill people with guns!
« German »
Schießt don' t-Tötungleute, töte ich Leute mit Gewehren!
Don' shoots; T-Tötungleute, I kill people with rifles!
by odiriuss
sranje u america
« Serbian »
sranje u Amerika
bullshit from America
by Marko
soylent green is people!
« Icelandic »
soylent grænn er fólk!
soylent unlicked is gentlefolk!
Shaken, not stirred.
« Italian »
Agitato, non mescolato.
Mental patient, not stirred.
What is love? Baby dont hurt me. Dont hurt me no more!
« Japanese »
愛は何であるか。 赤ん坊は私を傷つけない。 私をこれ以上傷つけてはいけない!
Is love what? The baby does not damage me. Me above this you do not have to damage!
« Korean »
Fixed amount
English Motherfucker, DO YOU SPEAK IT?
« Danish »
Engelsk Motherfucker , LAVE JER INDTALE Sig?
British Motherfucker , GET YOU SPEAK Themselves?
Feed the fish get a shirt!
« Japanese »
Give the shirt which is obtained in the fish!
look, a homosexual!
« Czech »
hledět , jeden homosexual!
view , a homophile!
This website is rather ingenious and funny.
« Japanese »
This web sight some originality, is strange.
Nice shirts like you!