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It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
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it tickles people's bottoms when they sit on massage chairs
« Japanese »
それはpeople'をくすぐる; sはそれらがマッサージの椅子で置かれると底を付ける
As for that people& The accomplice which the #039 the [ku] is done; s when those are put with the chair of massage, attaches the bottom
Finger me.
« Korean »
손가락 저.
Finger writing.
Poutine devrait démissionner
« Russian »
Путин должно отказать
Putin doit refuser
Quel arnaqueur ce marchand !
« German »
Ein was für Schwindler dieser Kaufmann!
Quel pour l'escroc cet acheteur !
What are you going to do with all the junk, all that junk inside your trunk?
« Italian »
Che cosa state andando fare con tutta la roba di rifiuto, tutta quella roba di rifiuto all'interno del vostro tronco?
What been going to make with all the roba of refusal, all that roba of refusal all' inside of your log?
I have a large lump on my scrotum. Would you mind inspecting it with your mouth?
« Japanese »
私に私の陰嚢の大きい固まりがある。 あなたの口とのそれを点検することを気にするか。
There is the lump where my scrotum is large to me. It designates that you inspect that of your mouth as the air?
well, if you are willing to read a bunch of nonsense text Ideas that I have been coming up with, go ahead
« Welsh »
bydew , ai ach bodlon o darllen bagad chan chybôl destun Ddrychfeddyliau a Buais yn d i fyny ag , cer o flaen
well , or you are being willing to read host with nonsense text Ideas I go I Was coming up with , go before
by em
Wake up on the wrong side of the bed
« Welsh »
Ddeffro i fyny acha 'r c ochra chan 'r gorweddfa
Rouse up astride ' group dogs I side with ' group bed
Abandon hope, all you who enter here.
« Slovenian »
zapustiti upanje , vsi vi kdo nastopiti vsepovsod.
willing and wishing are not the same vista , young and old you whom do you take me for to occur throughout.
You fucking piss me off.
« Japanese »
I who have had sexual intercourse can be upset.
Nice shirts like you!