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You are an incredibly beautiful woman. he would matter to him to accompany to me to take something?
Usted es una mujer increíblemente hermosa. ¿él importaría a él para acompañar a mí para tomar algo?
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Fucking wankers, the lot of you!
« Greek »
Wankers Fucking, your part!
This is a great invention, I bloody well love it!
« Russian »
This there will be large invention, love THE I bloody good it!
I would like to finish some work before I sleep.
« Korean »
It goes out and before when sleeping ending a some day, me it wants.
How are you doing today, you amazing person? You make me proud!
« Japanese »
How, splendid human today it has done? Try to brag about me!
Nice ass!
« German »
Nice donkey!
Let's have some sushi!
« Chinese (traditional) »
We drink with some sushis!
Oh, shit!
« Korean »
오하이오 의 배설물!
Human waste of Ohio!
You are an incredibly beautiful woman. Would you join me for a drink?
« Japanese »
非常に美しい女性である。 飲み物のための私を結合するか。
It is the very beautiful woman. Am I for the beverage connected?
Nice shirts like you!