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You are an incredibly beautiful woman. he would matter to him to accompany to me to take something?
Usted es una mujer increíblemente hermosa. ¿él importaría a él para acompañar a mí para tomar algo?
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I'm going to listen to the music band
« Turkish »
I'm gidiş -e doğru seslemek belgili tanımlık müzik şerit
I'm going had straight hearken the Western style music ribbon
I really don't know what to do!
« Turkish »
I gerçekten sakin bilmek ne -e doğru yapmak!
I truly stationary know not had straight do!
This is the best party I have ever been!
« Croatian »
Ovaj je najbolji dio Imam ikada bio!
This had best part I do have once been!
« Icelandic »
grænn, óþroskaður, óreyndur, grænn litur, graslendi, grasvöllur umhverfis golfholu, greens, grænmeti, grænkál, græni hlutinn á plöntum
unlicked , unripe , inexperienced , green , lea , green greens , vegetable , greens , græni hlutinn á plöntum part river mildew
This server has gone out of bounds. It will be reset, and restored from backup.
« Slovenian »
to pomočnik has zgubljen izven omejitev. on bo prikrivati , ter postaviti v prejšnje stanje s prislon.
this understrapper has like a duck in thunderstorm without saving. it will be reset , and to put up within status quo ante with back.
the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
« Welsh »
'r 'n chwim 'n frown cadno hysbonciau ar 'r 'n ddiog chi
' group ' heartburn nimble ' heartburn brown fox jumps signs ' group ' heartburn lazy you
by Matthew Peyton
You're really pretty. Wanna go grab a coffee?
« Latin »
You're vere pulchellus. Wanna vado carpo a capulus?
You're truly pretty. Wanna go to pluck a coffin?
Love it!!
« Slovenian »
ljubezen to!!
preference this!!
Oh, say can you see?
« Serbian »
E , reći moći te vidjeti?
E , disclose can you lift up the eyes?
« Turkish »
kuş, insan, kişi, tip, kadın, kız
bird , human being kişi , type , woman , girl
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