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You are an incredibly beautiful woman. he would matter to him to accompany to me to take something?
Usted es una mujer increíblemente hermosa. ¿él importaría a él para acompañar a mí para tomar algo?
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Do you want to grab a burger with me at Burger King?
« Serbian »
Činiti te oskudica ščepati jedan purger s mene kod Purger Kralj?
Act you dearth clench a inhabitant of Zagreb with me at Inhabitant of Zagreb King?
D'you wanna grab a burger with me at Burger King?
« Latin »
D'you wanna carpo a pullulo me procul Pullulo Rex rgis?
D'you wanna to pluck a to increase me far To increase King?
Santa Clause is coming to town!
« Latin »
Santa Clarus est coming ut urbs!
St. James Clear is courteous when city!
Why are you never there when I need you? You are an idiot!
« Turkish »
niçin are sen asla orada ne zaman I lüzum sen? sen are an aptal!
why are you never there when I necessity you? you are moment silly!
I wish to impress your family so that I may marry you.
« Welsh »
Ddeisyfa at argraffa 'ch deulu fel a Briodwy 'ch.
I desire to I print ' dogs family like I go I May marry ' dogs.
I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.
« Japanese »
I desire the fact that in the pants party invitation is expanded in you.
I would like to rent an apartment for a week, is the rent reasonable
« Croatian »
Želio bi to zakup stan za tjedan , je zakup razuman
I would like this let lodgment for week , had let unprejudiced
I bet you look good on the dancefloor.
« Croatian »
JA kladiti se te obličje dobar na dancefloor.
I wager these format well at an dancefloor.
by Keith
you say what you say you are but you aren't really what you say you are do you?
« Welsh »
ddeudi beth ddeudi ach namyn 'ch aren't 'n sylweddol beth ddeudi ach gwna 'ch?
you say thing you say you are being except ' dogs kidney ' tower ' heartburn substantial thing you say you are being do ' dogs?
holy shit!
« Japanese »
Every holy hatchet わ!
Nice shirts like you!