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Was sie anbetrifft ist der Umfang, dem nicht es geglaubt wird, die schöne Frau. Sie wurden I für das Getränk?
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russia likes his sunflowers
« Icelandic »
Rússland eins og hans sólfífill
Russia as though his sunflower
« Welsh »
asen, asyn, hasen, hasyn
rib , he-ass , rib , he-ass
i like trains
« Latin »
ego amo syrma
I to love sirma
I love you
« Welsh »
Cara 'ch
I love ' dogs
my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
« Greek »
το milkshake μου φέρνει όλα τα αγόρια στο ναυπηγείο
milkshake it brings to me the all boys in the ship yard
Dining on a bag of nachos while watching mlg videos is fun
« Latin »
Dining in a pera of nachos dum vigilo mlg videos est fun
Dining upon a wallet of nachos until to be awake mlg to see is fun
If I went inside of my house and left you to die would you love
« Welsh »
Ai Awn i mewn chan 'm d] a ar ôl 'ch at darfod garech
Or We Go in with ' ores heartburn ] I go after ' dogs to perish you loved
To infinity and beyond!
« Japanese »
Unlimited and the other side!
Es usted una mujer increíblemente bella. ¿le importaría acompañarme a tomar algo?
« Italian »
Siete una donna incredibilmente bella. importerebbe a lui per accompagnare a me per prendere qualcosa?
¿Usted es una mujer increíblemente hermosa lo importaría para acompañarme para tomar algo?
I am not sure that this translator is working.
« Croatian »
Ja sam ne siguran taj ovaj prevoditelj je rad.
I am a does not watertight this this translator had workmanship.
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